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Conference Willpower of Amsterdam

The recent conflicts around the world have a startling impact on the coherence amongst several citizens of Amsterdam. The last concluded summer the ongoing war in Gaza has created tension between the inhabitants of Amsterdam. The linkage has been tested during an ongoing sense of threat, which gets bolstered by terroristic acts like those in France. The consequences of that terroristic act, has been felt throughout Amsterdam, not only affecting the way inhabitants perceive each other, but even resulting in questions regarding their future and position in Amsterdam and the Dutch society alike.

To start a discussion regarding this fear and uncertainty, while giving it a proper context. Four volitional Amsterdammers, Ahmed Larouz, Said Bensellam, Lody van de Kamp en Ben Ahmed Ben Yerrou have set up a conference; “Willpower Amsterdam”. This conference has been appointed the theme “Willpower” and embodies the creation of linkage amongst all residents of Amsterdam. Through the usage of a conference on the 18th of February the persons responsible for the initiation of the event, would like to realize a contribution towards sustaining and bulwarking this empowering capability.

Among the attendees, we are pleased to welcome the Mayor of Amsterdam; van der Laan, Chief Commissioner Aalbersberg and the Chairman Attorney General from the Public Ministry; Mr. Bolhaar, who will speak up regarding the tensions between fear, insecurity and the corresponding protection experienced by the inhabitants of Amsterdam. These determined residents are convinced regarding the role of Intertwined connection as an aegis against scattering and unrest. With this conference the citizens of Amsterdam would like to expose the essential value of willpower during times where the inhabitants of Amsterdam are being tested.

The conference will focus on the reduction of tension, while working on enduring connections. A start of new initiatives, new dynamism and new connections. ‘’In a city as Amsterdam where freedom is a communal and widely appreciated value, no one should feel themselves threatened because of their background, religion, or identity. Especially now it is time to flourish the linkage and potential of Amsterdam, The Willpower.” As stated by the initiators of Willpower Amsterdam.

During the conference “Willpower Amsterdam” several seminars, workshops and co-creations will take place. Furthermore one of the initiators will launch the book ‘Straatkrediet’. Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Social Affairs; Mr. Lodewijk Asscher will receive the book himself. The book is about the life of Said Bensellam.

Note for the editorial office: for more information, please contact Femke Molenaar: 06 – 14152060 or Lenny Bijker: 06 – 42776262

Journalists are required to sign up through: info@willpoweramsterdam.nl